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New to Batavia Wrestling Club? Check our our Rookie Nights! Scroll down for more information!

Season begins Thursday, November 2nd for ALL wrestlers.  Register HERE

Season Practice Schedule   -    All practices at Batavia High School

Advance & Elite: All wrestlers 9 & above who are in their 3rd year or more of wrestling experience.

Monday (6-8 pm), Tuesday (7-8:30 pm) & Thursday (7-8:30 pm)  

Beginners: All wrestlers 8 & under along with all new/newer wrestlers with 2 or less years of wrestling experience. Note: for new wrestlers 9 & over, we anticipate only spending one month in the beginner practice before moving up to the advanced & elite practice.  

Tuesday , Wednesday & Thursday (6-7 pm) 


How to Become a Coach

Coaches Card -new coach instructions

  1. Go to  and create an account.   When you do this, make sure your club affiliation is the Batavia Wrestling Club.  
  2.   Then make the steps to purchase your “wrestling leader” coaches’ card.   The system will stop you and redirect you to the background check site.
  3. Do the background check- it usually takes about 2 days to get it through.
  4. Then try again to purchase your card and it’ll stop you again.  This time do the “safe sport” video which is about 1.5hours.   When you’ve completed this, send me an email and I’ll purchase your card.
  5. We’re not done yet.  You need your Copper Certification to Coach at the tournaments.  click on and click on purchase Copper Certification and it’ll redirect you to the website .  When you finish this certification, the club will reimburse you the $50 fee.
  6. The only fee you’re responsible for is the background check.
  7. Once your Copper Certified, you never have to retake this.   However, we have to do the safe sport video every year and the background checks every two years.

Click HERE to register for tournaments. (This page will only be available to current team members)

Tournament Schedule 2023-2024

Date Tournament Address Registration
11.26 Batavia Exhibition Batavia Open until 11/21
12/03 Mick Ruettiger Invitational Naperville Open until 11/26
01/07 Midwest Classical Invitational Elite Invite Tinley Park Open until 11/30
01/07 Good Guys Tournament Sycamore Open until 11/30
01/13 Jon Davis Kids Open Springfield Open until 11/30
01/28 Derrick Munos Invitational West Aurora Open until 11/30
02/03 Future Finalists (Elite) Lemont Open until 11/30
12/10 Force Challenge Plainfield Open until 12/03
12/17 Joe Tholl (Elite) Palos Heights Open until 12/10
12/17 Jr. Porter Invite Lockport Open until 12/10
12/30 Betty Martinez West Chicago Open until 12/23
01/21 Batavia Wrestling Classic Batavia Open until 01/13
02/04 Battle of the Shield St. Charles Open until 01/29
02/11 Ted Harvey Memorial New Lenox Open until 02/04
TBA IKWF - Regionals
TBA IKWF = Sectionals
IKWF - State Rockford
Bantam State
Intermediate State